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​Laundry Pickup & Delivery Service near Beaumont, Lumberton, Sour Lake, and Nederland

Don't be overwhelmed on laundry day. We offer laundry pick up and delivery near Beaumont and surrounding areas Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

We have made scheduling our laundry pick up and delivery service as easy as:

  1. Click "Schedule a Pickup"
  2. Fill out your name and address
  3. Fill out the date you want the laundry delivery service
Pickup &
Delivery Service
Per Pound

**15 lb Minimum Order

Pickup &
Delivery Service
(As Needed)
Per Pound

**15 lb Minimum Order

When you schedule our laundry pickup near Lumberton, you will have a choice of Tide, Gain, Bleach, All Free & Clear, Downy, and Bounce dryer sheets. All your laundry will be neatly folded or we will hang items on request for an additional $0.15 lb. We will separate all whites, lights, and dark color clothing and your laundry will always be kept separate from all other orders.

Why drive to the dry cleaners when you can add your dry cleaning to your laundry pickup and delivery order. There is a $20 minimum order and your dry cleaning will be delivered back to you in 3 days.

Dry Cleaning Prices

  • Shirts $4.50
  • Slacks/pants $5.50
  • Sports Coats/Jackets $8.00
  • 2-PC suits $10.00
  • Dresses $10.00
  • Skirts $8.00
  • Blouse $4.50
  • Sweaters $8.00
  • Overcoats $12.00